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XPEnology Virtual Machine Mananger on HPE Microserver Gen10


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My HPE Micro server Gen10, AMD X3216, 2*8G Memory,installed as baremetal, 1.03b+6.2.3-25426 Update 3, DS3617xs。

XPEnology works ok。

But the problem is “Virtual Machine Mananger ” can not work.

When I power on the VM, it always display"Failed to power on the virtual machine....";

I tried some ways ,make no sense. I checked some parameters in BIOS, it seems nothing special.

When I want to delete these VM, they can not be deleted.

If anybody can know to solve this issue? 

BTW, the tempreture of CPU is always very high in summer, I had to swtich the CPE to work on 12W, or it will shutdown automatically.

If you have similar problems?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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@Orphée thanks a lot. I tried before, it works,but the performance of Xpenology and disk performance is limited.

For example, the speed of Disk is only 15-20 MB, I'm not sure if my configuration is right or not.

But in baremetal mode, it wroks as 60-100MB. that's why I choose baremetal mode.

Another issue is the thermal issue, it always shutdown autoomatically in summer if tempreture is high.Even I changed the  modified the BIOS related thermal。

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