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Photostation6 doesnt show movies


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I have a problem with Photostation6 installed on my two different Xpenology servers


One is DS3615xs (i3-550) and second is DS918+ (i5-4760K).

Both are running flawlessly except for, that I cant watch movies on a TV from a /photo folder.


IF I move those (te same) movies in "test" folder under /video folder they are then seen/recognized by my TV and are also playable normaly.......so my LCD TV is not representing a problem here!


I have also tried transcoded test movies under /photo folder into different formats (.m4v, .mp4, .avi, .mkv...) with a handbrake programm......but for no avail!

They are seen only in /video folder


Checked all supported formats of Photostation6 and all should be fine.........but it doesnt work out for me! :(


Photostation6 is the latest..... ver: 6.8.14-3501.....

Should I uninstall it....and manually install with some previous version? (If....Wich one?)


Tnx for the answers.

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Seems like maybe the player your TV uses needs videos to be in a /video folder?  You say they are only "seen" in /video folder.   If they don't even show up as a file in the /photo folder...  I'm thinking perhaps its a path issue with your TV video player.

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TV (Samsung Ue46es5500) sees all the folders & subfolders in /photo folder.... 


But it recognise only photos.....movies in the same folder can not be seen.....unless if I move them to /video/.... 


EDIT: tried to install previous versions of photostation from synology archive....they ate unsupported on my DS918+.... Only the current version or above can be installed (above....is for dsm 6.2.4 wich is not supported with a current loader) 



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