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MariaDB has usr/bin/bin/bin/bin/bin (doesn't end). Big size?


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Hi guys,


I bumped into something the other day, when I was making a backup of my @appstore.


In the MariaDB folder under 'usr' I have several bin folders. Like this:




This goes on and on probably, but I hit a limit (on Windows, when transfering the files to my PC). The files under all the bin folders are the same.

On my Windows PC I checked how much space it was using: 1.81 GB. But that's because it hit the limit on my PC, maybe on the NAS it's even worse?


Now as for my questions;


1. Is it safe to remove the 2nd bin folder in bin? So delete the folder (and ofcourse subfolders) under /usr/bin/bin?

2. What is causing this? Any idea?


Thank you.



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Thanks for replying freddan83.


Yeah, noticed it a bit later when I was connected through terminal.


Weird though that it keeps copying the folder over and over to my Windows machine. But I am glad there is no bug.


Thank you once again.

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