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Xpenology on HP MicroServer Gen10


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Hello, I´m trying install xpenoboot on my HP server, after booting i see screen with text "Screen will stop updating shortly, please open http://find.synology.com to continue."

but server cant get IP address from DHCP.

I modified pid, vid and mac address in grub.cfg file


Specs of HW:

AMD Opteron X3216 3 GHz, RAM 16GB DDR4


Any insights?



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Chances are your onboard NIC is not supported by the version of DSM you're trying to install. Older versions of DSM had drivers in the kernel that supported the onboard NICs in HP Microservers, but after a certain point (I'm afraid I can't recall when, but around 6.2) Synology dropped the driver from the kernel. I have a Gen 8 Microserver that suffered from this and had to buy a compatible PCIe NIC to continue to be able to run later releases. Have a search of the forum and you'll find more details. FWIW I bought a "HP NC360T Dual-Port Gigabit NIC PCI-E", you should be able to find one on fleabay for ~£15. Your other option is to the virtualisation route and not install on bare metal.


From the spec you gave, it looks like you're running a Gen 10 Microserver. There are plenty of threads on here from other folk running the same hardware as you, so it's certainly possible.

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