Help install on HP microserver NL54

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I have an HP MS NL54 with modded Bios 041 dated 10.1.13.

I followed the install instructions here:Tutorial: Install/Migrate DSM 5.2 to 6.1.x (Jun's loader) for a baremetal install

using image DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b which I successfully changed the grub.cfg file as per above instructions.

After rebooting with USB installed kernall booting show OK and I went back to the desptop PC to find,

The server was found on the network OK and I get presented with option to install software (it says latest with no option for other as far as I can see)Software installs takes about ten minutes and then problems. Reports it can't find server on the network even though it did earlier?

So now I'm stuck what to do. Am I using the correct image for the NL54?

Any help much appreciated.

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I downloaded Jun’s loader v1.02b DS3615xs but there are so many too pick from I'm really not sure. The disc image is called DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b

I realise now that I should have selected to install the .pat file from download rather than just let install the latest software. Would I be right in thinking that and am I using the correct image for a N54L?

Thanks for listening

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1) Disable C1E in the BIOS

2) Either download 6.1.7 15284 to your PC and use that as a manual install with the 1.02b loader you have prepared


   Download and use loader 1.03b DS3615xs and download and use 6.2.3-25426


It doesn't really matter which one you choose.


If that fails, you may need to wipe the hard disks due to the incomplete installation. ( I am assuming it was a new install)


Make sure you go to Control Panel>Update & restore and turn off automatic updating when you have successfully installed


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Hi all sorry for if i am talking out of topic. I have one n40l microserver i use the "Jun’s Loader v1.03b DS3615xs" and machine boot get ip i can reach installisation page but says "there is no hdd for installisation." I have just one ssd pluged on sata port. do i need modded bios for fix this and if i need that where i can found?

thanks for kind replys.

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@Dfds yes i am trying to install dsm on ssd connected on optical drive place. I dowloaded modded bios and flashed. but still i need to change some settings in bios i think. cuz still i m having the message "you dont have and harddisk". which settings i have to change i don't have any idea, i tryed couple about ide and sata but still same.

thanks for any advice.


edit: finally thanks all. I found it and now can install, in the southbridge setting need to disable ide section.

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