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Booting problem...


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I have problem with booting to server. Last night I moved all my data on hard drives and I started conversion process. Today when I loged in I got popup window says that there is a disk error and advice of restarting to fix this problem. I had restart it and I couldnt log in. Thoes are the last lines


: : Starting /usr/syno/bin/synocfgen...

/usr/syno/bin/synocfgen returns 0

Partition version=0

Partition layout is not Diskstation style.

NOT EXECUTE /sbin/e2fsck.

Mounting /dev/md0 /tmpRoot



What should I do :cry: ? I cannot even connect by ssh/telnet. All disks are without raid

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After couple reboots and long time of waiting system finally turn on. Problem is that one of the volumes is crashed and after every reboot it checks file system without fixing it. The only way is to copy data , format hdd and move data back.

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