New installation, Stuck at 95% at installation of Diskstation Manager

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Greetings all!


I am new here, and have started out trying make a little pc into a nas using this software :)


I have tried my best to search for others having the same problem, and read faq's and tutorials, if i missed some then i am sorry.




So the problem is that the diskstation manager installation is stuck at 95% and have been for hours.





The hardware i am using is:


Cpu: intel i5 4660

Board: Asus B85M-G

4 sticks of 8 gb of ram.

4 ssds 2 x 480 and 2 x 240 kingston a400


The loader i am using is the v1.04b of Jun's with the ds918

I followed this guide:

and installed win32 disk imager, notepad++ and osfmount.


I found the VID and PID in the device manager and added it to the img after mounting the partion 0 and making it writeable.

I added the mac adress of my nic, and generated a random SN which i added from having selected the D916+

(Which confused me as the hardware i selected was the DS918 ?)


The boot went fine, and i found the device also with and it asked me if i wanted to install on my 4 drives, all standard.


Anyone have any idea for what i need to do to get it working :) ?


Best regards




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update figured out my mistake.


I had not downloaded an pat file and selected it for manual upload for the installation, so it automaticly downloaded the newest from synologys side, which is not compatible.

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