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On a hosted server, without virtualization ?


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Hello everyone!


I found XPEnology and this is the top, I known Synology for a long time and I was looking for a similar solution to the File Station (with a simple management of users and rights), and after trying OwnCloud, FreeNas, OpenMediaVault ... I have not found anything similar to DSM / File Station.


So I tried it on a dedicated server (at OVH), and finally I set up on Debian 7 and VirtualBox (ESXi and Proxmox too complex to operate NAT).

It runs very well for my tests, but there should be 0-50 users in the future ... suddenly I'm wondering about the effectiveness of virtualization.


So my question:

Is it possible to mount XPEnology hosted on a dedicated server (OVH or other), without using virtualization (VirtualBox exit, Proxmox, esxi etc.) ?


Thank you in advance! :wink:

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