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System Time Drifting Rapidly


Okay so i have tried searching for similar issues but as of yet cannot find anyone with a similar problem.


First off thanks for the great work, set this up in proxmox a week or so ago and for the most part its running like a dream. 


Setup as follows:


Proxmox VE 7.0.11

Vm Setup : Seabios, Q35, 4 cores host passthrough, 6gb Ram, Intel E1000, LSI Scsi

XP Version - DSM 6.2.3-25426, DS918+ Loader 1.04b


So the question i have is regarding system time. I noticed this when trying to setup 2FA and that it would error each time due to the time mismatch. SO i checked on the system time in Regional settings and it was nearly 10-15 Minutes out. Now i have a scheduled task which ran every hour to sync (rather than using the sync ntp in settings), however i have now had to set this up to run every minute as its literally seems to loose 10-15 seconds every minute. For the life of me i cannot think what this is so the workaround for now is doing the job.


Just wondered if anyone else has seen similar or can throw out there some things i may have overseen.

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