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HEVC photo format in Moments

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Hi guys, I may need your help here.


I have a HP Gen7 server running on DSM 6.2.3 and using Moments to backup my photos on the iPhone.

I found some photos cannot be displayed on Moments app and web portal. Most of them are photos in Portrait mode.


After some investigation, I notice that iPhone uses HEIC to save normal photos and use HEVC to save portrait mode photos.

So as the result, I can view *.heic photos shot in normal mode via the Moment app and online portal, but not *.heic photos shot in portrait mode.


Following the instruction to configure "transcode without a valid SN", and it doesn't fix my issue.

Would anyone help me please?

Thank you all in advance.

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One year after the last post, it seems Synology has released a "Advanced Media Package" plugin (paid+serial checked) that might help with those formats. Doesn't seem to have been ported to Xpenology but hey, the millions I didn't spend on the Synology, I use them to travel and take photos ^^

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