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Help needed with SHR crashed disk.


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Dear Xpenology,


Since a year or so I’m a happy Xpenology user and using it in a W8.1 Hyper-V environment. The virtual machine is running on a Samsung SSD and I’ve 2 WD Red (3TB and 4TB) disk coupled as SHR disk. So the drives are set offline in Windows and added to Hyper-V as complete physical disks. The whole system is installed on an Asrock Q1900 ITX bord. The system was performing outstandingly till last week.


Opening DSM I found out that one of the drives has crashed and the complete /volume2 disappeared. Normally I would receive an email but this failed due to some authentication error so the drive was crashed about 5 days ago without notice. Browsing through DSM storage manager HDD’s reporting the disk as “Not Initialized”.


Then I knew things where bad since /volume2 was the default drive for PhotoStation etc. So I decided to stop the Hyper-V and remove the drives.


I’ve some linux experience so I hooked the drive up to Ubuntu installation which normally should be able to access the drive without problems. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case with the disk. Using GParted showed that the filesystem is “Unknown” as can be seen in:CSbWwlS.png



For safety reasons I started to create a disk to disk copy of the faulty disk with ddrescue but I don’t know what to do next. Any idea’s, any help would be greatly appreciated! I already did quite some googling and reading about similar cases but haven’t found the exact same issues (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3290 came close). I’m particularly afraid to create more damage by trying some of the “solutions” mentioned online, e.g. mdadm.


So again thanks for any response and I would really deeply appreciate the help. PS. I’m willing to pay for the recovery!


Regards JP (The Netherlands)

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