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Sabrent USB Soundcard with XPEnology help request


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Hello everyone,


Due to Apple messing with Airplay in IOS9 I now have a broken sound system which used to let me use Spotify on my iPad to Airplay to a Pi running Kodi which plugged into Satellite speakers via a cable.


There doesn't seem to be a fix for that coming soon, so I wondered if I could plug a USB sound card directly into my XPEnology and run the cables to the speakers. I have Airplay working to XPEnology so it just requires the audio output to a sound card.


I have a Sabrent AU-MMSA USB Sound card.


My question is...how on earth do I set about installing drivers and registering them with XPEnology etc ? I've read on other forums that it works with Linux so it should in theory be all good. Surely it's not "plug and play no drivers needed" as the packaging states ?


Many thanks for any help



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