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VMWare Workstation cannot create new volumes


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I installed the latest build from this site on VMWare workstation. It boots and all looks good but I cannot create the first volume. When I do no matter what disk settings I choose (I have tried virtual drives and also with a physical drive in the VM)


When I get to the end of the creation I receive an error "Connection Failed. Please check your network settings"


What can I do? Why is it talking about network settings for a volume creation?


Please help!



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I'm having the same problem. "Connection Failed. Please check your network settings" or in Dutch "De verbinding is mislukt. Controleer uw netwerkinstellingen"


I'm running DSM_DS3615xs_5644 on a HP Media smart server (ex 490) with a bootable USB drive. DSM is working properly

I got three 1TB drives. They are all working on another machine and appear to be healthy in the DSM Storage Manager. With the create volume wizard i've tried every possibility (single disk, JBOD, RAID5, etc), but is doesn't matter.The disks appear in the wizard and can be selected. I would like to get them into RAID 5. Going through the wizard and finally arriving on the confirmation page it gives the error.


Are their any checks I can do or manually create a RAId 5 with SSH shell? (FreeBSD noob, but copy/paste I can do)


Please help (I've just spent $ 90,- on a new power supply to give this server a second life)



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