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I'm not really interested in FreeNAS, but people in FreeNAS videos tell that: "Get as much memory as you can get."

How memory hungry is Synology regarding this matter :?: I'm planning a NAS build with XPEnology and I would like to know this before I start spending.


Usage case would be:

6 x 6TB WD Red Pro's and perhaps a 256GB SSD for caching. I've heard this feature might not work very well, but I'm going to give it a try.


Transcoding, DLNA server, Mail server, Audio server, Download Station, Photo Station, Video Station, Directory Server, DNS server, Note Station, Mail Station, Cloud Station.


Server would be online 24/7.

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I'd say - run an 8Gb stick and you'll have enough for all your needs - for years to come that is!!!

I use roughly the same services including plex and I never see it above 8% usage out of the 8gb I have installed.


Btw, FreeNAS sucks bigtime unless you run it on UPS and with ECC ram. If not, you will be sure to loose all your data at some point due to improper SD or Ram error. Trust me - been there.. done that. :smile:

FreeNAS is perfect in the perfect environment, but for the most of us, the perfect environment is too expensive.

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