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Invalid Boot Media


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Hoping for a little help and sorry if I missed something obviously but I have been looking at this off and on over the last few days.

I am using a Sandy Bridge board with a Core i5.

I set my system up for Legacy Booting.

I followed the guide linked below from these forums.

I downloaded the Jun Loader 1.03b and set up as a 3617xs.

I changed my VID, PID, MAC and Serial Number.

The board booted off the USB in Legacy BIOS mode and it was recognized in the Synology Finder.

The process completed successfully and was able to format and load the 6.2.3 firmware from the guide linked below to the hard drive.  (I was able to put the drive in a linux system and see the partitions using gparted)

On reboot I am getting an Invalid Boot Media Error as the MB does not seem to recognize the drive as bootable?

I am guessing I am missing a step somewhere?





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