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number of max disks


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Hi all


I am trying to increase the maxdisks for my xpenology NAS.


Currently i have tried to telnet to my NAS, attempt to edit /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf


The problem is when i VI synoinfo.conf, i don't any lines such as maxdisks


Can anyone enlighten me?


Thanks in advance!

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HP Capacity thread I opened, I tried today to change the values and nothing.







no luck


Edit: i change both etc and etc.defaults

Try using winscp,change values in /etc/syno.info and /etc.default/syno.info

Always worked with my bare metal install.

I currently have 24 disks configured.

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If you read the threads in detail you can see that you have to change 3 values as well as the max disks;






The exact values will depend on your setup, these work for me for 16 disks






my advice would be to setup XPE/DSM with a single drive, then mess with these settings to see if Storage Manager gives the right values and it reboots ok, then add your drives.

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OK I managed 24 4TB HDDs any more and they start replacing disk 1. that's on 4.3 version.


my setup:-


LSI HBA with external JBOD enclosure that takes up to 45 HDDs, so I installed 12 on the server itself and then another 12 on the enclosure.


I disabled all internal ports including eSATA but left the USB.


I used the following method from stanza's post viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2028


when I got the 24 online I lost all USBs.

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