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Change Serial Number and Mac VM


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Hi all


I need to change the serial and mac. I have tried to follow topics on the board and do the changes but I have not had any success:-


- My setup is using a VM with ESXi 5.5

- I have version 4.2

- I can not find the Vendor file on the VM machine

- when I try to mount sda1 I get an error that is doesn't exist

- I noticed that all mounted drives are md0, md1 and md2

- if I mount md0 I get the root drive which contains all the linux files but no vendor file or any of the files mentioned.

- I added the mac1=xxxxxxxxxx and sn=xxxxxxxxxxxx to the boot command manually but that did not change anything.


I need help please.






this how I did it:-


- Booted the VM using Fedora Live CD

- Mounted the sda2 to /mnt

- logged in as root using WinSCP

- downloaded the vendor file to my PC

- edited it using xpenlogy vendor file patcher (you can download it from http://www.raving.at/.) provided by iceget with much thanks. patched the vendor file.

- Uploaded it to the Mounted drive again using WinSCP.

- rebooted the machine.


and the MAC and Serial changed..


Thank you all who contributed to the topic in viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1353

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