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Telnet disabled after reboot


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First post here but loving the XPEnology project for 72 hours so far! Been a long time synology user so to be able to build a superfast Synology is awesome!


When I enable Telnet access from the control panel it works, I can login with telnet. After a reboot of the EXPnology Telnet is disaabled - the box is unchecked. Is this normal? On my aging DS-209 the Telnet stays enabled after reboots.


Any ideas?





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Sorry for not giving more info.


I'm using the Synology DS3612xs - DSM 4.2 build 3202 from viewtopic.php?f=2&t=555


Running on an old PC with a ASUS P5QL-CM intel LGA775 mobo with G43/ICH10 chipset (according to the manual). I believe it has a Realtek 8111 B/C network interface. I only have two small SATA drives at the moment while I experiment (1 x 160GB & 1 x 300GB). I'll get a couple of WD 1TB Reds next week I hope.


Everything else seems to be working well. I got Sickbeard+Sabznzb running and was able to mount shares from my real synology boxes to copy files across.


I was just curious if anyone else can check if the telnet option stays enabled after a reboot or is it just mine. It's not a big problem really and I can live without it.


On thing I did find was that I tried to enable jumbo frame and rather than getting an error the whole box became inaccessible on the network. I now realise that jumbo frame is not implemented for many network interfaces - again, no problem, just an observation. The only way I could get back into the box was to trash the SATA drive and re-initialise it, which was a bummer as I had just copied 150GB of TV shows across from my Synology box and was hoping to boost the network speed to copy anther 100GB of movies across... DOH!


I'm having fun anyway and this will definately take the strain off my Synology which I use for work (as a development webserver) as well as storing my media (SB+SAB). I want to get all media stuff off the Synology and onto this XPEnology.



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