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How about a wiki of compatible hardware


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http://xpenology.me/compatible/ seems to be as close as you can get for now, but it is hardly a wiki and no real "notes" alongside the h/w list that I can see?

Also that site is not always online for me...


My main hardware issue is that the Realtek 8111 (8168D) NIC is being overridden by the 8169 driver in DSM 5.2 builds, so WOL does not work,

even though it works perfectly for windows on the same box.

Basic 8168 network comms are ok, so I am tolerating it by putting box within easy reach for manual poweron.

No documented tweaks for xpenology work to bring it back to the 8168 driver (e.g. rmmod, insmod in xpenoboot syslinux.cfg),

and no DSM kernel build support so we could replace the underlying r8168.ko driver ourselves...


That xpenology.me site's listing of 8168 compatibility as YES gives me little confidence in referring to it for any replacement PCI/PCIE adapter...


I confirmed that ESXi 5.1 supports WOL for 8168D (ESXi 5.5, 6.0 remove that by default)

however ESXi also has no easy way to then put the xpenoboot vmdk on a usb flashdrive to avoid wasting limited sata ports, and then it looks like existing DSM drives would need to be wiped as new vSphere datastores.

Perhaps better to wait for DSM 6.0 with 64bit support and new drivers to see if 8168D WOL works on it... for which we will still appreciate a hardware compatibility wiki :smile:


Update - got WOL working intermittently if I script-force the following:

ethtool -s eth0 wol g

however it is working more reliably on a RTL8168D NIC on ga-890gpa-ud3h v2.1 mobo, than on a RTL8168E NIC on ga-890gpa-ud3h v3.1 mobo

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No documented tweaks for xpenology work to bring it back to the 8168 driver (e.g. rmmod, insmod in xpenoboot syslinux.cfg),


Your answer is in the sentence :

add rmmod=r8169 to grub or syslinux.cfg in order to unload r8169 driver and force r8168.


Linux Realtek drivers are shit :sad:


The old shitty r8169 driver from the kernel will be removed and replaced by the "new" r8169 from realtek web site in the next release.

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A hardware compatibility wiki sounds like a great idea.


I'm a newcomer to the site and immediately started looking around to see if anyone had successfully set up a low power system (as in low TDP), but a tad more powerful (as in cpu and I/O) than the Synology boxes.

Aside from the xpenology.me/compatible page it looks like for the most part you have to just read through forum posts.

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+1 Is this being done by someone or not yet?

Yes! I'm busy with a brand new xpenology site.



It also mirrors this forum, so if it got taken down somehow, we still have all the info =).

Your site is looking great.


All the builds & great guides too!


Keep up the great work :ugeek:

Thanks, i'm currently busy with the forum integration.

That means, if you provide your xpenology user & pass, you will be able to use my site as a frontend.

If a topic comes from here, and you reply to it, your comment will automatically be posted to here.

If you create a new topic, you have the option to also post it to xpenology.com


This weekend i'm going to setup the hardware database.

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