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Rocketchat working?


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I am dieing to get a chat server up and running. Unfortunately the excellent Synology Chat app does not work well on Xpenology (no push notifications) so I have been looking at alternatives.

One that I came across was Rocket Chat and there is a docker container but I could not get this to work on Xpenology. Here is a what I did:

installed mongodb container

installed rocketchat container

linked mongodb to rocketchat container

configured container environment variable (-d rocket.chat)

Both containters start but I cannot connect to the rocket chat container via http://myIP:3000


Does anyone have more experience with rocket chat in XPenology or with any other chat server?



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a local folder of your choosing? Make sure the folder is one one of your shares.



instead of `/your/local/folder/` use `/volume1/docker/rocketchat` (or use whichever volume your docker package is installed on). 

If you are using the UI, just use the folder picker in the containers volume tab, point it to your `docker` share, create the `rocketchat` subfolder and in it the `mongodb` subfolder. Then pick the `mongodb` subfolder and use `/data/db` as path inside the container.

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thanks. I managed to edit environment variables and CMD, created the folders and mongod.conf

The container starts and creates a few files but then it collapses so I cannot log into the container to execute the final step:




After you have setup the container you will need to prepare it to run in replica mode. To do that connect to your container via a command line or the Terminal tab in Syno UI (or via portainer if you are running it) using the bash command.



The container log file shows the following error:

BadValue: security.keyFile is required when authorization is enabled with replica sets


Any ideas?


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Nope. no idea.


The reason why I shared the blog post was that no relevant details have been shared that allowed to understand where things go wrong. Its still not any different :)


I can tell from experience: it does work, I used it in the past - but I did use docker-compose to bootstrap my containers. Though, I deleted it again because the Android Client app was crap back in those days (~2years ago) - it drained the battery too much.

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I would consider the level of details as headline level - enough to get a rough idea about the topic, though not enough to see how things are configured and where things might need to be configured differently. I am just saying that I (me personaly) am not able to help you like this.


I hope someone else will be able to pitch in. Good luck!



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I found a much better solution than Rocketchat.

Install Nextcloud with this guide. It took me 10 minutes and works immediately.



Nextcloud comes pre-packaged with many apps, including "Talk", which is a very responsive and intuitive chat app. THere are Android and iPhone apps for Talk and all notifications work. With this solution you can operate a home user or enterprise level chat application on your own hardware.




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