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2 hours ago, pocopico said:


You have wrong sataportmap values in GRUB below, try removing them.


"synoinfo": {

"DiskIdxMap": "OC",

"SataPortMap": "1",

"SasIdxMap": "0"



Telnet service will start by default after installation failure (e.g. error13),for Synology troubleshooting.


But in your case you even fail to start installation. 




Just to clarify. These settings are for Proxmox, right ? For PID/VID should I use the one from my USB stick or these ones:


If you're running QEmu-based virtualization (e.g. Proxmox or VirtualBox) set vid to 0x46f4 and pid to 0x0001 ?


Curently, I am using the ones from USB like in the picture (attached)

Screenshot 2021-08-31 at 17.23.22.png

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On 8/25/2021 at 12:41 PM, RedwinX said:

Hello all ! 


Just FYI, if you planned to use baremetal with 918+, you MUST have an usb2 port. cannot works with USB3. Tested on M720q (no usb 2.0) not working, tested with adding a pci card USB 2.0, works fine. 

Have resolved this issue !! You just have to boot with UEFI, install with USB3 controller works fine :)

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I'm creating a new bootloader for DS3615 6.2.4 with the last github content, for my sorprise I've received the following error.




It seems like in the config.json file is configured to apply different patch but the original file not exist anymore.

Is this correct? I can copy  the original file from other old copy from my computer but I prefer to ask before do it!



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On 8/21/2021 at 4:43 PM, jumkey said:

Run loader on native Windows


Made a pure java version RedPill Loader, compiled by GraalVM native-image



  1. enable symlinks on win7+ via
  2. download ko from
  3. replace redpill-load files from


for other countries'


"proxy": "socks5://"


Tested DS918+ 7.0-41890 7.8 MB · 143 downloads

with uefi support.

it also can support dsm 7.0.1

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Yes, I'm talking about real and native UEFI support.


Compiled yesterday (manually, with docker I can't) and loaded in Baremetal in my J4125M, installed and works perfectly just now ;)


Thanks for your help @jumkey


Now I'm trying to patch 7.0.1 :)



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Just now, Orphée said:

From my understanding, can't be updated from DSM GUI. Loader block it, and crash the install.

Yes, this was my original question. So ThorGroup disabled the functionality to update from DSM? For the time being when there is update we need to create a new loader...?

I updated from the DSM and it goes to recovery mode and does nothing... is a test machine and I am just curious...

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I´m not a Windows User but thank you for your work.

How to generate the bsp file?

I have changed the config.json and changed to the "NEW" init patch. IMG Build works but with old BSP (41222) it reboots when it wants to load the Kernel.

DS3615 7.0.1-42214

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I just come to share my java port redpill-load with uefi support.
Should wait for ttg to announce whether it can really support 7.0.1


some scripts maybe useful

export CROSS_COMPILE=/root/build/apollolake-DSM-7.0-toolchain/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/bin/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-
make clean
sed -i 's/bzImage: vmlinux/bzImage: /' arch/x86/Makefile
make vmlinux -j4 # make some *.o inspire by UnknowO
cp ../vmlinux_mod.bin vmlinux # vmlinux_mod.bin is already stripped of debugging and comments, strippe again should be ok
make bzImage
sed -i 's/bzImage: /bzImage: vmlinux/' arch/x86/Makefile
cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage ../zImage


and another java port


Everything is taken from dsm-research repo, thanks to the research of ttg

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