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test NIC in a different machine


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Hi :)


I have a working xpen rig.

I know I can replace the GbE NIC with a different one and boot normally. In DSM, the new NIC will show as if it was using the MAC address of the previous one (because of the settings in grub.cfg) but it would still work (assuming there is no issue with the new NIC). If necessary, I know I can modify the MAC address in grub.cfg by pressing C at boot and then using the command



Now I would like to test a quad-port NIC in this rig.


1) If I replace the existing NIC by the quad-port, do I need to specify mac1 to mac4 in grub.cfg? Or should it work even if these settings are absent?


2) What if I specify mac1 to mac4 in grub.cfg and then, once the test is over, I remove the quad-port NIC and put back the original single-port NIC? I can revert mac1 in grub.cfg but what about mac2 to mac4? How can I "delete" these settings? Do I need to edit the file through a text editor or can I still use commands after pressing C at boot?


Thank you very much in advance for your help.



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