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Help Please-Can't connect after changing hard drives



Hello Everyone,

I am not new to this but not an expert.


Everything was working.

baremetal HP 8200SFF

Juneloader 1.03b 



I unplugged my 2 old laptop drives.

Added 2 new Seagate Ironwolf 4tb drives.

Rebooted and found everything...it ask me to Migrate...I picked that option (didn't make sense) and I picked manual install.

Installed DSM_DS3615xs_25556.pat

It all worked but then on reboot nothing shows up.

I tried to find my HP using Synology Assistant (I have a smaller DS2xx model).


I plugged back in my original 2 laptop drives and I can no longer get into that. It doesn't start back up.


I tried to manually have Juneloader say to reinstall but I can't get to the screen or process doesn't start.

My head hurts, if someone can please let me know how to fix this that would be much appreciated.


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When you boot your synoboot img on your USB key....via find.synology.com synology creates linux partitions on your HDDs/SSDs and set up your xpenology server


If you change your HDDs/SSDs you are basically setting up a new xpenology server 

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Hello Everyone,

I can finally reply, this box kept opening a file attachment for my reply.


I solved the issue. 


1. Wait a few minutes when reboot before trying to find the NAS

2. Keep checking your bios to ensure Legacy is on for these HP's. For some reason UEFI would turn back on from reboots.

3. I made a new USB which is MUCH easier from this thread. See link below.

4. I used Parted Magic and deleted the partitions created on my new drives.

5. Only install DSM_DS3615xs_25426.pat from Synology or lower version. This version already had Update3 in it. The version after this would install but then after reboot tell you unable to find network and did not boot for me. It would not install.

6. I will be using Raid 5 with 3 drives.


Thanks Fly for all your help as usual. I'm looking forward to creating a little powerhouse.

I will be using 3 4TB Ironwolf drives Raid 5.

The extra SATA drive will be used for booting Windows 10 if needed (dual purpose). Primary purpose will be NAS duty.


search words:







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