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Lanner-FW-7541c as a NAS Proxy


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Lanner-FW-7541c is a network firewall or appliance. It has 6 Gig ports 2 usb ports and a serial console port.

For right now it only has a single 30gb SSD inside but I am going to add a larger internal SSD when I get t all worked out.

I have it up and working fine except for a few issues. I thought the 6 ethernet ports would not be any issue but that's 

my breaking point right now. Lan1 is  Lan 2, 3, 4, 5 are to 44. Lan 6 is a static IP address 

from my ISP. The whole reason for this appliance is to run a reverse proxy between lan 6 IP internet address 

and a server on my local machine. All that is actually working great. The issue is that the lan port will not pass DHCP 

addresses through Lan 1 so anything plugged into lan 2,3,4, or 5 can't see Lan 1 and Lan 1 can see the the other Lans 

either. I have tried creating static routes. Firewall is disabled so that should not be it. I can find any information on 

bonding the ports to create a switch either. For now I am just stuck on only using 2 ports.


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