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Surveillance Station @ go microservers


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Hi All


can you help?  I have a ds415play with 10 4K cameras attached and it’s really struggling.


im not sure whether I would have more luck with a new diskstation but all are a little under powered. Or if I should get the new gen 10 plus hp micro server?  

I’d look at getting the Xeon version.  And I would if I can transfer my camera licence packs. 

Any thoughts would be really appreciated!!



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You could go for a G8 Microserver, there are lots on the market that have been upgraded with Xeon CPU’s. I’m not sure you can transfer the license packs but an alternative would be to continue using the DS415 & the new server then use the CMS app to manage both which also allows you to share the camera licenses between both servers.

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6 minutes ago, RichStars said:

Thank you. Do you know if you can add camera licences to xpenology?  If I buy some more?



I think that’s a bit hit & miss, my advice would be to add any new extra lice to your DS415 then add the cameras to the other server.

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