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I can't find my NAS after Replace i915's 9BC8 ds918-6.23up3


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Sorry to disturb everyone,

I use the i3-10100 + Colorful b460i + Intel i350t2 network card.

I can install Jun 1.04b+ for 6.23 for 918+,everything display normally,

However, by using SSH and enter "ls /dev/dri", display "No such file or directory",

There is no change in replacing "extra.lzma" and "extra2.lzma",

Replace i915's 9BC8 ds918-6.23up3, boot normal display, but can't find IP in the network

I've tried many times,but it still doesn't works.

How can I solve this problem?Thank you again, hope to reply.

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6 hours ago, pmchan said:

Hi, I may be wrong but if I remember correctly, you have to install and run Synology's Video Station to populate /dev/dri

no, the device comes from the i915 driver(s) and 10th gen cpu's are not in the i915 driver that comes with 6.2.3 so there will be no /dev/dri when using jun's original extra/extra2 or my version of extra/extra2 (the one made for 6.2.3) with a 10th gen cpu

10th gen will need a special patched i915.ko (if its working at all)

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