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NAS is not visible after first installation


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I tried the get an older PC to work with XPEnology.
It's a gigabyte mainboard with a realtek network adapter and an A10-6800K AMD CPU as the base.
Installed are at the moment 2 1TB HDD.

I followed the guide from polanski

I have the synoboot_3615 for the ds3615_6.2 and DSM_DS3615xs_25556.pat as software for the NAS.

I followed all steps from the guide before, I changed the VIP and PID, the Serial number and the MAC adress in the grub file.
I managed to get the file to the USB stick, started the NAS and I found it at this point.

I was asked to install the .pat file and then the machine restarts. And at this point, I am not able to find the NAS again. with the synology assistant. 
Restarts don't change anything, other USB ports, other LAN cables etc. are not helping. 

So at this point, I need your help, does anyone here have a idea, how to get it to work again?

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1 hour ago, IG-88 said:

that's 6.2.4 and not working - there are some big warning signs, you should read them

use 6.2.3 up to update3



Thanks for the reply. 

May you provide some links please? 

I just found this bootloader. The pat file found was older, but I was asked to use a newer because of the bootloader. 


It would be great, if someone could share the correct ones. 


Sry for my mistake. 😕

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