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Xpenology support INTEL BPT


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Hi i have xpenology DSM 5.2-5592 Update 4 perfectly working on asrock n3700-itx but if i check the freq from ssh i see that the maximum is only 1.6 ghz, the processor should go until 2.4, i see that is the burst frequency, but it never go for, also when i use plex, is there any option to enable this feature or not?


Thanks for help

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If i remember correclty, i read a post from user Arcao, saying that Intel P-states will be supported in a next Xpenoboot release.


I have the same board and i feel that it would be useful to have this feature enabled.


EDIT: I also found Trantor's post here verifying the same thing

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That's correct. Intel_pstate and Nuvoton nct6775 is releated for this MB:


It's plan for next release which will be release very soon as we are in the latest stage of tests.





[OK] intel_pstate



[OK] Nuvoton nct6775

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