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unstable network and problems on Terramaster F2-422


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I am trying to get DSM running on this Terramaster NAS. I am using 1.04b 918+ with extra / extra2.
The problem is that the network is unstable and I generally have problems with DSM. This NAS has 3 network connectors, 1 of 10Gb and 2 of 1Gb. I will explain the problems I have:
- When I connect the cable the network is not recognized. It does not appear on the router and the light of the network connectors is not on. Sometimes I wait a while and it ends up working after several minutes, other times it is never recognized. In the grub.cfg I have the MAC address of the 3 connectors correctly set.
- When the network finishes working, I can access DSM, but some things do not finish working well. For example, if I turn it off, it keeps turning off the device for several minutes and in the end it ends up being forced off. The Webdav protocol does not let me access my files (I have another NAS with xpenology next to it where I can access with the same configuration).
- I've had crashes on some open windows.
- The file transfer speed to / from the NAS is very slow (ranges from 1-20 Mb / s) when it should go faster

I can't try another loader since 1.04b is the only one that lets me boot with UEFI, and I can't use Legacy.

In the DSM system information it shows that I have an RTL8153 USB network card

The truth is that I would like to use DSM, since the operating system that comes with this NAS is not very good and I have no other alternatives.

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I have news!


I have tested loader 1.03b with DS3617xs and this has happened:
- The network works fine but ONLY one of the network connectors (the 1 Gbps one) works. The other 1Gbps connector and the 10Gbps connector are not working. With the 1.04b, 1 1Gbps connector and the 10Gbps connector worked.
- The system works correctly, everything works smoothly.
- It is impossible for me to leave it like that since I cannot leave the boot in legacy. This NAS has the boot priority blocked and the USB only starts me as the first option if I have set the UEFI mode.

I think I'm close to fixing it, but I need some help.



I have managed to fix the problems with the network card by installing the extra.lzma, but I still have the problem that my BIOS boots by default from the hard disk and I cannot change the boot order!


When boot normally...



My BIOS options:





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