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Valid syno_hw_version options in syslinux.cfg


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First of all, thanks of all the great information on this site. Using the information provided it was super easy to get up and running.


I am running XPEnology on a HP Gen 8 micro server with no issues. For the next step I own a broken DS411slim and was hoping to update syslinux.cfg with the real serial number and MAC address (from the broken DS411slim) to allow me to use the synology quickconnect and push notifications.


I can change the MAC address and serial successfully (DSM boots correctly and reflects the modified info in the syslinux.cfg file) but when I change he syno_hw_version to DS411slim I can only boot to a Web Assistant which presents me with an option to upgrade to a RS3411RPxs rack station?


I have looked through the forums but can't seem to find any help. I did find one similar post which suggested the rack station might be a default model number if there is an error in the syno_hw_version provided?


I tried removing the HDD (so it wasn't an upgrade) however the synology assistant still detected a rack station not the DS411slim.


Does anybody know if DS411slim is a valid option for syno_hw_version? Has anybody else managed to change the model number in syslinux.cfg




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Thanks for the response.


Would you be able to elaborate please? I am interested to understand why this would not be supported.


How did you know it was not supported, is the source code available to browse?

Is there any reason why the DS411slim is not supported, is this something todo with the architecture of the device ?


Thanks again

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