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DSM 6.0 Beta out


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so you mean 6.0 beta works with current xpenology bootloader aside from no mounting volumes? 8)


Edit: i am getting up to the point where you create a disk, but it says that "the connection failed, check your network connection" (roughly translated)

ESX 5.5U2

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The DSM 6.0 Beta is out!




Testing it right now on Hyper-V


Tried to update from 5.2 with latest XPenoboot, it says update ok but can`t acces the DSM page.


Now i tried a Clean install en now it works, but volumes are unmounted.


Yes, but only with a clean install! Not with an upgrade, after that the DSM webpage is not reachable!


@ error, that`s right, i got the same faultcode.

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If you can't create a volume w/o it dismounting, it's not working properly.


yes, useless tutorial, disks not working.


For me it's working when unmounting disks from CL or after an upgrade from DSM 5.2 where volumes were already created.


umount from CL when its not created? please explain :wink: thank you

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my steps:

1. create the vm with the XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2.vmdk and installed dsm 6

2 the vm doesn't reboot just turn it of and copy the original XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2.vmdk into the vm folder

3. the vm already started with dsm 6.

4.volume creation doesn't work at the moment


I'll try to install first dsm 5.2, create a volume and upgrade the vm

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don't waste your time. YOU CAN NOT USE IT... unless you just want to play around w/o any volumes. It has been this way for a long time after each new update, dismounted volumes. There most likely won't be any progress, because the team the releases xpenology doesn't release anything for betas... and who knows if they are even together, or will work on any future releases.

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Got it's own Virtual Machine thingy in there. Oooo does that mean we can ditch ESXi?


It might be super unstable on Xpenology, so I wouldn't trust it to handle my VMs. Also, now everytime you want to reboot xpenology, you will also shutdown your vms; which will happen more often than with ESXI box.

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I personally hated ESXi. I don't know if I missed something glaringly obvious but my disk performance was dreadful. I couldn't get it to accept a USB 3 controller or RAID card. Not to mention the loss of SMART reading.


Just having the ability to run a win7/8/10 machine for Google Play Music will keep me all kinds of happy. Awesome nuts.

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