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Random shutdown when using NVME cache with sequential IO option enabled


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I'm currently running baremetal DSM and it's working great. Here's some details about my setup:

  • Baremetal install
  • DSM Ver 6.2.3-25426
  • Jun's v1.04 loader
  • extra.lzma
  • nvme patch


Since i wanted to have better performance when working with the nas i've decided to add a read-write cache using 2 nvme drives.

Both drives are properly detected and i can create and attach said cache to the drive pool just fine and the system is stable.


I wanted to also then enable the "sequential IO" option so that large file transfers hit the NVME write cache as well.

If i do that everything seems to work as intended at first. I can transfer at much higher than HDD speeds.

Howhever it seems that after 10 minutes or so (haven't timed it) be it that the system is IDLE or that i'm doing something the machine just shuts off.


I've tried checking the /var/log/messages and there doesn't seem anything that stands out as to what the problem could be.

If any of you have ideas on other things i could try let me know.


Here's part of the log file before the nas shutdowns:


Nas synoddsmd: utils.cpp:35 Fail to get synology account
Nas synoddsmd: user.cpp:129 get account info fail [100]
Nas synoddsmd: synoddsm-hostd.cpp:227 Fail to get DDSM licenses, errCode: 0x100
Nas synosnmpcd: snmp_get_client_data.cpp:150 Align history time success
Nas synopoweroff: system_sys_init.c:95 synopoweroff: System is going to poweroff
Nas [  972.515703] init: synonetd main process (6584) killed by TERM signal
Nas [  972.519283] init: synostoraged main process (12775) terminated with status 15
Nas [  972.524128] init: hotplugd main process (13271) killed by TERM signal
Nas [  972.524501] init: smbd main process (14435) killed by TERM signal
Nas synodisklatencyd: synodisklatencyd.cpp:659 Stop disk latency monitor daemon by SIGTERM
Nas syno_poweroff_task: System is acting poweroff.


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That's the right one.  May as well install update 3 (not 6.2.4!) and see if it overwrites whatever is going wrong.



Barring that I would just run a migration install of 6.2.3 from DS Assistant and see if that fixes things.


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I've removed the cache and then updated for being safe.

The update went fine.

I've recreated the cache again (i didn't seem to need to reinstall the nvme patch as i could already select the drives in the storage manager).

Aaaaaand the moment i enabled the option after like 5 minutes it shutdown again.


I'm not sure reinstalling will solve anything, as i've never used SSH for anything other than interacting with docker and installing the patch.

If you think it's going to help i'll try.

Any other log file you think i could check?

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So there's something new that i wasn't here the first time it happened.


From the storage pool log: "Disk overheat: Disk [Cache device 1] had reached 70°C, shutdown system now."

This would really seem the culprit right?.


It doesn't make sense for the drive for getting this hot though.

I'll prod in the case a bit maybe it really is getting this hot, but it shouldn't it is a well ventilated case.

Could it be that nas is ready the temperatures invalid?


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