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UNC error


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I'm receiving UNC error twice this month on one WD 6TB hdd. Reporting bad sectors. I've done extended smart test and drive reported healthy, no bad sectors. But today drive reported with abnormality by dsm.

I'm on 918+, 6.2.3. SHR, on Asrock mb J5040, hdd is connected on MB SATA.

Prices on hdd's are going up in my country and I'm not sure what to do.


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DSM detected a read error.  It retried and was able to read the data.  The sector may be flagged for replacement if the drive decided that it was bad a.k.a. "Uncorrected Pending"


But it cannot actually replace the sector until a write operation happens to the drive.  Only then it will say it is a bad sector.  However, if it writes it, and then reads it and it is okay, it may decide it's not worth flagging it as a bad sector (Uncorrected Pending then disappears).


This is not uncommon.  If the drive were under warranty you might be able to press WD to replace it.  But out of warranty, it's just your comfort level.  If you want more advice post the entire SMART screenshot for that drive.

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