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CPU Scaling - ESXI 6


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Hello everyone,


I've just installed ESXI 6 with a DSM 5.2 VM (1 thread). Everything is working fine except the CPU scaling.

My CPU is not correctly reported to the DSM VM.

Previously, it was working well with the script installed (S99PowersavingINTEL) (but bare metal installation..).

setup :

i5-2400S 2.5ghz

ITX Intel DQ67EP

16Gb DDR3

XPEnoboot DS3615xs 5.2-5592.2


Now :


test> grep "MHz" /proc/cpuinfo
cpu MHz		: 2500.017


test> cpufreq-info
cpufrequtils 006: cpufreq-info (C) Dominik Brodowski 2004-2009
Report errors and bugs to cpufreq@vger.kernel.org, please.
analyzing CPU 0:
 no or unknown cpufreq driver is active on this CPU
 maximum transition latency: 0.00 ms.


test> modprobe -v acpi-cpufreq
-ash: modprobe: not found


Is there something to do to fix this ?

Thank You !

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