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Hi all,


I currently use FreeNas on another Microserver, and am setting up a friends Microserver with XPEnology as he is familar with the web admin from his synology days.


I have installed the Base XPEnology on a USB stick and then the XPENology SW onto the single HDD in his machine atm (I was expecting this all to boot from the USB stick like FreeNAS, obviously not).


I have setup a couple of Source repositories for packages for him and successfully installed, GIT, Couchpotato, Headphones, Sickbeard, Transmission and Plex media server. All appear to work OK (although the desktop shortcut for plex uses the wrong port (easily remeded by changing the URL, but annoying nmone the less)


Upon trying to add a new TV series into sickbeard it reports back 'Unable to create the folder /volume1/downloads/transmission/download/hannibal, can't add the show


Logging in to Sickbeard I log in as "admin" and I have checked all the folder permissions and owners using the inbuily file manager and I can see that Admin is the owner of the and has full access to the downloads folder (Check a second time using permissions inspector), I followed down the tree and checked the owner and permissions for 'transmisison' and the download folder and again "admin" is the owner and it has Read\Write access to all folders and sub folders.


I then created a new user "autobot" and added it into the users group through the Control Panel application and subsequently ensured the 'users group' had the relevant folder\file permissions.


I have then read that the installed applications now all need to be stopped and config files edited to get them to start as another user (autobot as an example).


However is there a simple way of finding out why the folder permissions I see using the file station app dont appear to be correct ?? I was expecting Sickrage to create the relevant sub folder etc


I only have access from my ipad to the web admin console as my friends laptop is currently out of action, so terminal access is a little tricky atm)


His ultimate aim is to have sickbeard control his TV Series collection and then have Plex Media Server available so his TV can connect directly to it using his Smart TV Plex application. I assume there needs to be 'another' app to install yet to move the files out of the /volume1/downloads/transmission folder to his /volume1/media/tv and then have the Plex Media Server look at this folder for its library contents.


appreciate this has prby been covered a dozen or so times already but searching through the results left me with more questions than answers, hence the new post

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i have a similar setup, couchpotato sickrage and transmission installed on dsm as packages.


after i created an user "droid" and placed a folder in /volume1/share/downloadz i give him permission to read and write in that folder.


then i changed all the startup user of the 3 packages to user droid (instead of having 1 user individually for each package) and the relative target folder in @appstore.


now all the packages runs as a single user and all can read and write in the specific folder, postprocessing is handled correctly and the movies/series folder is shared over the local network using NFS (to a raspi2).


it doesnt really make sense to have 3 specific users for cp sr and trans and create then a 4 one to read those folders, just handle all with 1 dedicated user.

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