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BIOS drive order for boot


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Hi all,


What should be the proper drive order in BIOS, to make sure that the system partition gets installed in the right place?


I have the bootloader on a USB key internally - I believe this is the same as OEM hardware - and I boot off that.


Then I've got a SATA card with 2 SSD's on it. One I'm using for cache, one seems just untouched by DSM.


On the mobo, I've got 6 SATA ports, which connect to 6 drives that I'm letting DSM handle as my RAID array.


However, I see the system partition installed on mobo SATA drive #3, which it then won't let me add to the array.


My goal is to have drives in this order:



PCI SATA SSD #1 - System

PCI SATA SSD #2 - Cache

Mobo SATA 1-6 - RAID6 array


Is there some trick to forcing the system partition to boot off of SSD#1? Should I reinstall the system with only that drive plugged in, then add things afterwards?




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dsm creates a system partition on all drives in an array, for resilience, when you create a volume or disk group


how many drives does storage manager see 6 or 8?


the usb boots xpe and dsm on the system partitions does the rest


xpe may not have the drivers to recognise your pci ssd card

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