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Wordpress + imagick extension on DSM DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3


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Hello everyone, ladies and gentlemen! Came to you with a question - did someone get php imagick extention to work on DSM DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3 ? To begin with, this need it as I started a site on Wordpress in Web Station. After that I found a message in site health check, that imagick extension is not installed.


Searching the internet, I found several discussions:



This led me to the instruction:


It says at the end that "PHP 7.4 is out today with support for the Imagick extension."

I decided to try to install PHP 7.4. Of course DSM said that my version 6.1.7 does not support it. I decided to make an experiment.

1) downloaded PHP 7.4 as spk (https://www.synology.com/en-us/support/download/DS3615xs#packages alternative link: https://archive.synology.com/download/Package/PHP7.4/7.4.9-0005

2) opened it with 7z and corrected the line in the INFO file

firmware = "6.1.7-15284"

After that it installed successfully. I saw that the imagick item was present in the PHP 7.4 settings.


I turned it on, but the Wordpress site still displays a message that the extension is not installed, even after system reboot.

Don't You know - is there a way to make it work ?

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You could verify if php 7.4 is installed properly by creating a phpinfo.php file in the /yourvolume/web/ folder, containing: 


Then access it in a web browser by typing http://yournasip/phpinfo.php
imagick should be listed with other activated extensions.

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@pmchan, thanks for the answer ! Yes, I did it, but forgot to mention it in a topic. Unfortunatly U r right - there is no any info about imagick in phpinfo log. Even though, PHP 7.4 module has core settings:



I forgot to say that I tried to install ImageMagick package from syno community, but it still didn't help. Maybe there is some other way to activate imagick ?

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В 27.05.2021 в 00:45, flyride сказал:

Wordpress on Docker

@flyride, thanks ! That's goot idea, but then all the charm of using DSM is lost. After all, it is the GUI interface of Web Station that makes it easy to manage PHP and extension settings. Didn't anyone else wonder about DSM-level customization? 😔

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