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Very slow access only from Android clients






One of my friend has a Xpenology 6.1.5 (DS3615xs) installed to an elder C2D based hw with 100mb NIC and 4GB ram. 100mb would be enough for what he would use it for, but unfortunately reaching the nas is terrible slow (2-3mb) but only from Android based devices not matter if I try it from lan or wan, with ip or domain. Things I tried and tested:

 -Android based Sony TV connected on lan side with cable with VLC via ftp, ftps, SMB and DLNA -> all of them were slow, practically useless even with SD movies

 -Android based Galaxy Note 9 mobile device from lan and from wan via ftp, ftps, dlna, web -> extremly slow, even accessing the DSM too.

 -pc with Win 10 from lan side, ftp, ftps, DSM, dlna SMB with AC wifi adapter -> everything work fine, I measured 100mb with the protocols where I could measure

 -my Android based phone, tablet and TV from wan side (from my home) -> all of the above mentined protocols are very slow.

 -my notebook with Win10 from my home -> ftp, ftps: 100mb, DSM access is smooth and fast as it has to be.

 -Bluestacks virtual Android installed to my Win10 based notebook from my home (wan side) -> everything is fast and smooth!!


All in all it seems that reaching the nas is very-very slow on native Android clienst regardless the protocol and anything else but working fine on Windows clients and on virtual android clients hosted on Windows. 


Perhaps there is a difference between the implementation of ipv4 protocol on Android and Windows? What else should I try?

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