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Need help choosing parts for custom NAS


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After finding the HP MS Gen8 too noisy for the small room it has to go in i've decided to built my own NAS with the intention of running Xpenology/DSM. Case, PSU and RAM are already bought but I dont know which CPU/Motherboard combo to go for. I'd like to keep the cost down to about £80 or so and i'm happy to buy 2nd hand to try and get more for my money. I've been looking at the Asrock SoC boards but it looks like they dont have enough grunt for transcoding 1080p with Plex. If £80 cant get me a CPU/Motherboard that can handle Plex transcoding then i'll just give up on the idea of running the Plex server from within DSM.


Anyway, i'm open to suggestions so fire away!



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