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minimal size for USB loader = ?


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Hi everyone :)


What is the minimal size for the USB dongle that will host the XPenology loader?

AFAIU, this dongle will host very little data (just the loader) and there is no point in having much free space on this drive, right?


Thank you very much in advance for your help.





PS: I tried to figure out this myself by unplugging the USB dongle from my working Xpen rig and plug it into a windows machine.

I was hoping I could figure out how much free space was left on the USB dongle.

However, when I did that, Windows add issues mounting the USB drive.

At the 1st attempt, it mounted 2 volumes. The first one had very few files on it (I couldn't find the Grub folder that was there when I created the USB loader) and the 2nd volume couldn't be read (Windows offered to format it but I obviously declined).

After this, when I tried again, Windows simply couldn't mount anything (USB connection-deconnection loop).

It may be an issue with my Windows machine, though.

Fortunately, the USB loader seems to still work fine in my Xpen rig.

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Less than a gig

That's normal behavior on windows machine.

If you need to reformat, open command prompt

type diskpart


select disk X

attributes disk clear readonly


create partition primary

select partition 1


format fs=ntfs label=new


That'll get it back and readable by windows. Can reformat and image over as needed

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10 hours ago, asheenlevrai said:

What is the minimal size for the USB dongle that will host the XPenology loader?


You can answer this yourself by observing the size of the loader image on your PC before loading it onto the USB drive.  Approximately 50MB.


You can also determine this by fdisk -l at the DSM command line:


Device         Start    End Sectors Size Type
/dev/synoboot1  2048  32767   30720  15M EFI System
/dev/synoboot2 32768  94207   61440  30M Linux filesystem
/dev/synoboot3 94208 102366    8159   4M BIOS boot

So a 64MB USB key is adequate, although any USB key that small is so slow, you probably don't want to use it.

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