Incorrect mac address on NIC

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Declared the actual mac address of my NIC in the grub cfg

Network card works as expected otherwise. But mac address in network matches neither my config, nor the address printed on the card. A reboot of the machine will result in a different, seemingly randomly assigned mac address.

Jun 1.4b
have the extended driver pack
Intel i3-9100
DSM 6.2.3 update 3
Intel X540-T2

Network interfaces were enabled in synoinf.conf and all 4 show up fine (2x onboard, 2x nic) within DSM. It's just this randomly assigned mac address issue I can't figure out

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11 hours ago, sojab0on said:

Mac addresses should not change the are hard coded to the nic if the nic in dsm some how get a new mac then we need te check configs and bios/efi of the system

It's assigned a new one on every boot. Something funky.

swapped a drive to a larger one so it's in limbo to 3-4 days but once that's done I'll check back in. Any notes on what I would be checking for in the bios? Asrock rack board if that's pertinent

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