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How To Install Oculus/Origin/Uplay Games on Your NAS


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Recently expanded my server and thought about installing all my games onto a folder on it instead of on my PC

Yes I did just map my network drive onto my PC
But this only allowed me to install games from Steam and Epic Games

When I tried to install games from Origin, Uplay which is now Ubisoft Connect, and Oculus Home; they all refused to install


Long story short, someone on Linus Tech tips forums suggested setting up a iSCSI drive
And it worked!
Origin, Uplay and Oculus now all let me install games on my iSCSI networked drive.

Here's a video on how to set one up on a Synology server


When it comes to the Total Capacity part, you can expand, or shrink the volume later.
Though I believe you need to reconnect the drive and go into disk management in windows again to expand/shrink the drive there as well.
And you dont have to set up the CHAP login if you dont want to, again can be added or removed later.

Note: I've not tested playability yet, just installing games so far.

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On 9/5/2021 at 8:28 AM, alvihion said:

I tested and played correctly this week. I found that activating jumbo packets on my pc mic and on DSM (only on Gigabit connections) improved my experience a lot!


Ooo I never thought about doing that!
Thanks for the tip.


Strange my read speeds actually fell when enabling 9K MTU


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