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pyLoad does not start downloads


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Hello everyone

I turn to you to solve my problem.

I use Xpenology and pyLoad package to download my files . I used pyLoad without problem with the DSM 5.0 for a while . I performed the upgrade to DSM 5.2, and since I reinstall pyLoad, downloads will not start.I follow this topic to proced installation ( http://chown pyload /volume1/pyload ). My web interface is OK , I add my links in the queue but the files still pending.

Here is the log of my pyLoad :


1 29.09.2015 21:59:37 INFO Démarrage pyLoad 0.4.9

2 29.09.2015 21:59:37 INFO Utilisation du dossier principal : /volume2/@appstore/pyload/var/config

3 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO Checksum: Checksum validation is disabled in general configuration

4 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO ExtractArchive: Activated UnRar UnZip

5 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO Plugins activés: BypassCaptcha, CaptchaTrader, Checksum, ClickAndLoad, ExternalScripts, ExtractArchive, ImageTyperz, LinkdecrypterCom, UnSkipOnFail, UpdateManager, XFileSharingPro

6 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO Plugins désactivés: AlldebridCom, Captcha9kw, CaptchaBrotherhood, DeathByCaptcha, DownloadScheduler, EasybytezCom, Ev0InFetcher, ExpertDecoders, HotFolder, IRCInterface, MergeFiles, MultiHome, MultishareCz, Premium4Me, PremiumizeMe, RealdebridCom, RehostTo, ReloadCc, XMPPInterface, ZeveraCom

7 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO Temps de téléchargement : True

8 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO Démarre ThriftBackend:

9 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO Starting lightweight webserver (bjoern):

10 29.09.2015 22:00:12 INFO Added package bb containing 1 links


And thats all



Any idea?

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