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Migration DSM 5.0 to 5.2


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First of all, I am sorry for my bad English

I turn to you to seek some help.


I want to migrate my N54L Proliant DSM 5.0-4458 Gnoboot to the latest version 5.2-5592 update 2


I found all the files on the website http://xpenology.me/category/news/ and I taking the following files:

-DSM 5.2-5592 Update-2

-XPEnoboot DS3615xs 5.2-5592.2


After booting from the new usb , I find the syno on the synonlogy wizard and I open the web page to access the migration. I run the migration with .PAT file and I get an error message saying that the file is probably damaged (13).

I tried with version 5.1 but I get the same thing

What is serious is that I can no longer restart the DSM with the old USB key with gnoboot DSM 5.0 , I have error messages on boot and the server HTTP is not accessible, no sharing file on LAN.

I am completely lost, I do not want to lose my data.


Can anyone help me?




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I am not sure you can update straight to 5592 Update 2. IIRC, you need the full pat file to update to 5592, then reboot an extra time, then update via the update app in control center to update 4. Or you can use your own with update 2 as you did. If during this process you see the corrupt file warning, just reboot and try again. The first update to 5592 should be done by choosing install/upgrade, every other reboot should be normal, not install/upgrade.

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Thanks for you repply, i'll try your steps tonight and I would keep you informed


With the method you describe , have you had a data loss ?



No data loss at all. Update 3 did reset the DLNA media folder settings though, but very simple to reapply. And one of the updates (update 4?) needs you to reboot twice as first time all the volumes are unmounted.

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Ok for the installation of DSM but then how to install the updates ? Boot on the USB stick or directly from the DSM web interface?



All updates using the web interface, select the manual install option, browse to the PAT file (which you've downloaded and placed on a PC or somewhere DSM can see) and install.

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So, after downloading the PAT and not of updates , I managed to successfully install the DSM 5.2 , volumes have been reassembled correctly. Everything is OK.

Now I have another problem, I reinstalled pyLoad and I had to change the permissions on the target directory (according this topichttp://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=5311&p=34085&hilit=pyload#p34085) . The installation is successful and pyLoad start correctly. I can add a link to donwload but it does not start, the file remains in the queue.

Here are the logs pyLoad



1 29.09.2015 21:59:37 INFO Démarrage pyLoad 0.4.9

2 29.09.2015 21:59:37 INFO Utilisation du dossier principal : /volume2/@appstore/pyload/var/config

3 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO Checksum: Checksum validation is disabled in general configuration

4 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO ExtractArchive: Activated UnRar UnZip

5 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO Plugins activés: BypassCaptcha, CaptchaTrader, Checksum, ClickAndLoad, ExternalScripts, ExtractArchive, ImageTyperz, LinkdecrypterCom, UnSkipOnFail, UpdateManager, XFileSharingPro

6 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO Plugins désactivés: AlldebridCom, Captcha9kw, CaptchaBrotherhood, DeathByCaptcha, DownloadScheduler, EasybytezCom, Ev0InFetcher, ExpertDecoders, HotFolder, IRCInterface, MergeFiles, MultiHome, MultishareCz, Premium4Me, PremiumizeMe, RealdebridCom, RehostTo, ReloadCc, XMPPInterface, ZeveraCom

7 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO Temps de téléchargement : True

8 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO Démarre ThriftBackend:

9 29.09.2015 21:59:38 INFO Starting lightweight webserver (bjoern):

10 29.09.2015 22:00:12 INFO Added package bb containing 1 links


And that's all, Nothing else...


Do you have an idea? Incompatibility with DSM 5.2 ?


Many thanks!

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