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HP MS Gen8 fan noise


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I've never had a server before I bought a Gen8 (this one specifically) with the intention of installing Xpenology/DSM because of it's user friendliness. I went ahead and installed everything without issue and found the Synology UI to be as good as everyone says. The problem I have is that the fan is just too loud for the size of room it's situated in. After doing some googling I discovered that this is a common complaint and it has something to do with the RAID controller. Being a server/NAS noob it all went over my head but as far as i can tell there is basically no way to solve the problem when using Xpenology/DSM, is that correct?


If someone would kindly clarify for me whether or not the problem is fixable or not i'd really appreciate it. I certainly hope it's fixable as my initial impressions are very good but unfortunately it'll have to sent back if it's going to be that loud.




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is there anything that touches the fan (cable)?

My fan is really very very quiet.


Are you shure that the 120mm fan is responsible? What happens if you stop the fan for a short time?

Perhaps there is something wrong with the bearing?!


Otherwise it could the small power-supply-fan?


Best regards,


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I thought i'd try and record the noise my system makes to see what people think. I recorded this with iLo reporting the fan speed to be 12% and after a 7 or 8 seconds you should be able to hear a high pitched buzzing sound. I have a feeling that sound is being produce not by the system fan but by the PSU. Although it isn't especially loud the room it's going in is really very small and the buzzing is very noticeable and extremely annoying.


https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7KqyX ... sp=sharing


Anyone have any thoughts?

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