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New build no HDD found (custom build install)




Tried to finish my build and installation today but it ended up in some problems. 


Tried to install 104b, 918 on following specs: 

Asrock b450 fatality

AMD 3400g 

16 GB 3200 MHz Corsair vengeance

4x12 tb 3.5 HDD (exchanged from my other Nas, microserver N36L, working properly)


Built everything together, seemed to work and when I got to the stage of installing DSM I encountered a problem. Saying no HDD. I don't see any HDD in bios (3.7 fyi). Have disconnected and reconnected cables, tried another one without success. 


Do I need to install drivers for mobo first since it's a completely new build? Or am I missing something?

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3 hours ago, flyride said:

If you are connecting SATA disks to the motherboard, they need to be visible in BIOS.  Solve that problem and try again.

Well thats the problem. I don't see any drives in bios. I have tried other sata cables without luck. Disconnected the cables and connected again. Still not visable. So how to solve it? Anything I need to do? 


AHCI is enabled, not sure if there is something else I can do? And as I also mentioned the drives are working properly, so they are not the fault. 


Edit: the HDDs are shucked ones, can it be the 3.3v problem? Me needing to tape the pin. But I'm curious if that's the problem since the disks have been working properly in my microserver N36L (hotswap).

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So I managed to get the HDDs working with the 3.3 pin mod since the disk are shucked ones. But next problem is after installing DSM I have 3 HDDs saying System Partition Failed and one HDD saying Normal. The storage pool says Degraded. 


How to proceed without doing any damage? 



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