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xpenology failed on proxmox




my xpenology would not boot. I used proxmox backup template DS3615xs 6.2 Baremetal with Jun's Mod v1.03b for some time now. Everything worked fine until this morning. I noticed the web ui does not respond although the VM was running, sending & receiving data, docker container I have on it responded normally. So I rebooted the VM (and eventually entire proxmox), but xpenology would not boot. In the serial console I see it freezes at Post init.


I have 3x4TB HDD in RAID5 and 1x2TB HDD. I loaded VM backup from few days ago. The restored backup itself works fine, but when I attach either the 2TB drive or  the 3 4TB drives, it again freees on Post init.


I also tried to attach the 2TB disk to another linux VM (mint). I noticed the booting took exceptionally long, but booted eventually. I can see the disk and fdisk tells me its an "Linux raid autodect", whitch it shold not be (but maybe that is a "feature" of xpenology), I can mount the disk but can't really access the data. I only see the root folders (shares).


Im attaching log from console when booting the original xpenology and configuration file from proxmox.

Thanks very much for help. And apologies if I missed something, just started using linux recently. 



xpenology-boot.txt 110.conf

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