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HP Gen7 N36L + NC360T failed to be discovered.


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Hi all.

Please do help me. I stuck at the very early point for long time already. Thank you all guys in advance.



HP Gen7 N36L (with mod-bios)

HP NC360T NIC (Intel)

Bare Metal Environment



Jun's loader 1.03b for xs3615

USB grub file has been modified with the VID_PID, SN, Mac1 and Mac2 addresses.



Boot from USB. Screen stays at "Screen will stop updating shortly." (screenshot)


Wait 30 minutes.

It cannot be discovered in the network.

Scanning LAN IPs, using Synology Assistant, or find.synology.com, none of these methods can see my server.

Even from the router LAN IP pool, I cannot see any wired node exists.


Please, please help.




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11 hours ago, Dfds said:

Have you disabled C1E in the bios? What DSM version are you trying to install?

Thank you for your info.


I notice the issue not causing by the C1E....and not related to any version OS.


Issue updates:

While I boot up my server WITHOUT HDD connected, server is discoverable in the LAN network. Works fine, GUI shows "no hdd detected". Good sign.

But if I push all HDDs in the bays and boot up, server is not discoverable.


I do not have any RAID card installed. All HDDs are connecting to the bay which mean connecting to the MB directly.


Please help.

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Ticket updates:


One of my drives fails causing the whole loader freezing.

Problem resolved.

C1E disabled, USB loader marked with PID_VID, driver replaced, AHCI enabled.

Gen7 N36L built-in network card is also working fine, making the server discoverable in the LAN network.


Thank you very much.

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