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I searched for this topic but couldn't find anything on it so I'm starting a new one.

I have 2 questions.


1. Can you present a single hardware raid array to Xpenology as one large disk? (JBOD)

2. Related to the above question, would a LSI Raid Controller with backup battery, SAS expander and CacheCade + Cachevault and RAID 60 array present much more protection for power loss and data integrity than presenting the raw disks to Xpenology on a SHR2 (RAID6)?


The amount of disks would be between 20-30 disks.


My concern is presenting the raw disks to xpenology doesn't protect from power loss, which I experience at least once a month in my premises. Also there seems to be no stable SSD caching technology working yet and battery backup.

I've tested a LSI CacheCade 2.0 with raid 0 intel 520 240GB and averaging 350-700MB/s read/write depending on the data.

With CacheCade turned off I get about 350MB/s read/writes.

This is with Write Back Caching enabled and 1GB onboard caching on a 9266-8i card.


Has anyone considered this scenario?

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try it and see.


I am guessing it should work...


Drivers for the Card should be there, xpenology should see one large drive. which you can then setup and a single volume.


Only issue I can think of is if the volume is too large eg greter than 16tb problem for ext4.... the fix would be to make multiple less than 16tb volumes.


Let me know if you get stuck

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