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Updating a Xpenology DSM-5.2-5565-2 to DSM-5.2-5592 on ESXi


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I have a DSM-5.2-5565-2 with three RDM disks attached to it. I would like to update it because it has problems accessing remote NFS/rsync shares in order to do remote backup. One of my biggest disks has just failed and I had to take it out of my HP Gen8 Micro, the volume is now degraded and I really need to backup the data.


Remote mount CIFS is not a solution as the CIFS implementation destroys the file permissions and attributes so I can't use that backup. I need a backup that can be restored easily from the UI. I have no other spare disks large enough to receive this data quickly and reliable at this moment.



I could not find any posting with the upgrade process of a running Xpenology nas when it's virtualized in ESXi (like I have mine). How can I achieve this update without loosing data and/or settings ?


Is there a post or forum entry I didn't see ?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Quite simple :


- Download both pat (with latest update) and vmdk files - version DS3615xs 5.2-5592.2 from http://xpenology.me/downloads/

- Open your Vsphere client and shutdown the xpenology vm

- Open the datastore browser of your host

- If you wish, create a new folder on the root of the datastore and do a backup\copy of the main Xpenology files of your vm

- Upload the vmdk XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2 in the folder of your Xpenology vm, close the datastore window.

- Right click on your Xpenology vm in the vm list \ click on "Edit settings"

- Highlight the Drive 1 and remove it (should be IDE0:0 device with a size of 24 to 32 Mo)

- Add a new Hard drive \ use an existing virtual drive \ browse datastore and choose the vmdk uploaded "XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2" \ in Disk Mode, check Independent + nonpersistent\ Click next and continue, when going back in Edit settings, you should see the drive 1 back + the path to your new vmdk file inside.

- Start your Xpenology vm, open quickly the console tab and start XPEnobbot in "Install\Upgrade" mode

- When boot is finished, open the webbrowser on your computer and use the ip of your Xpenology vm to reach the Synology upgrade page. You should see the migration tool. Follow steps \ keep your data, when you reach the DSM installation page, upload the DSM (pat file) manually and wait untill update is completed.

- Your Xpenology should be upgraded to the the DSM 5.2 5592 update 3 (latest pat available on xpenology.me). If volumes are missing, restart your VM again.

- You can deploy the Update 4 with the normal update process from Synology.


Hope it is clear enough ;D , sorry for my english.


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